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At HCG Hospitals, we offer comprehensive organ transplant services, encompassing heart, liver, lung, bone marrow, cardiac allograft, and kidney procedures. Each transplant, such as the heart transplant, is preceded by rigorous diagnostics to ascertain the need for an organ replacement. In addition, we conduct specialised evaluations, including liver failure tests, ensuring accurate assessments for our patients. With our dedicated team, cutting-edge medical facilities, and commitment to patient care, we ensure every step, from evaluation to recovery, is meticulously managed for the best possible outcomes.


  • Advanced Surgical Procedure
  • Comprehensive Post-transplant Care
  • Personalised Rehabilitation Services
  • Empathetic Counselling and Support
  • Continuous Monitoring


  • Advanced Surgical Suites
  • Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
  • Dedicated Transplant Teams
  • Immunology Laboratories
  • Diagnostic and Imaging Services
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Patient Counseling and Education Centre

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