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The laboratory is being managed on a very structured quality control program.

  • Department of pathology at HCG CANCER CENTRE 24*7 diagnostic services in Hematology , Biochemistry , Immunology ,Clinical pathology , Blood banking , Tumor markers
  • We have Advanced Haematological Laboratory required in diagnosis and follow of haematological conditions. It includes advanced 5 part CBC counter, coagulation tests, Bone Marrow Routine , etc. There are highly qualified doctors along with a Haemato-Pathologist, supporting in haematopathology services
  • The Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory is one of the state-of-the-art laboratory and offers routine and highly advanced tests for cancer diagnosis and follow ups
  • Round-the-clock Home Blood Collection Services are available
  • Our Department Of pathology Laboratory Is dedicated to provide patients with superior quality and reliable testing services to meet their needs & committed to ensure accurate Laboratory Results & Safe Blood Banking Services
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