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Dr. Ketan Rajyaguru

M.S.(General Surgery) M.Ch (urology)

Speciality: Urology

Designation: Urologist

Experience: 10 Years

Location: HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad 

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About Dr. Ketan Rajyaguru


Dr. Ketan Rajyaguru is a renowned Urologist in Ahmedabad with a decade of experience. He specialises in various urological areas, employing advanced technology and treatments to provide the best care to his patients.

Area of Expertise

Dr. Rajyaguru possesses profound expertise in a range of urological procedures and treatments. His fields of expertise encompass:

  • Endourology
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Uro-Oncology
  • Laparoscopy
  • Stricture Urethra and Penile Surgery
  • Female Urology
  • Robotic Surgery
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