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Dr. Hardik Khatri

MBBS, MD Anesthesia

Speciality: Anaesthesiology 

Experience: 10 Years

Location: HCG Hospitals, Bhavnagar 

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About Dr. Hardik Khatri


MBBS, MD Anesthesia


Cardiac Anesthesia


Consultant – Cardiac Anesthetist


Arterial line insertion, central line insertion, PA catheter insertion, IABP insertion, Difficult airway

Services Offered:

Anesthesia for onpump and off pump CABG,MICS vascular and thoracic surgeries, High risk cardiac surgeries

Language Spoken:

English, Hindi, Gujarati

  • 3 years as Resident at PDU Hospital, Rajkot
  • 2 years as Assistant professor in Anesthesia at UN mehta hospital, Ahmedabad
  • As a consultant cardiac anesthesiologist at Hcg hospitals Bhavnagar from 9/5/2016 to till date
Break through cases:

MIDCAB, post MI VSR, Pneumonectomy, LV rupture, RA myxoma, Pericardiectomy

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