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Tips for Happy, Healthy, and Safe Uttarayan by HCG Hospitals



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As the skies come alive with vibrant colours during Uttarayan, joy and excitement fill the air. This festival celebrated with enthusiasm across the country, marks a time of communal harmony and fun. However, with the increase in outdoor activities and gatherings, it becomes crucial to prioritise health and safety. During Uttarayan, HCG Hospitals stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, offering exceptional emergency services and medical support. We are equipped with advanced emergency care facilities and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. HCG Hospitals is committed to safeguarding your well-being during these festive moments. Our state-of-the-art emergency treatment capabilities ensure that you have access to the best care, right when you need it.

In a festival where the excitement can sometimes lead to unforeseen incidents, having quick access to ’emergency care near me’ becomes pivotal. HCG Hospitals’ network, spanning across Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Hubli, and Bhavnagar, ensures that high-quality emergency treatment is always within your reach. Whether it is a minor injury or a serious emergency, our teams are ready to provide swift and efficient care. Our ambulance services are on standby, offering prompt medical transport to ensure timely emergency care. This Uttarayan, let us celebrate with the assurance that the best emergency services are just a call away, thanks to HCG Hospitals.


Understanding the Festive Challenges

Uttarayan is not just a festival, it is an experience that brings together families, and communities. The sight of the sky dotted with kites is nothing short of magic. However, this enchantment does not come without its set of challenges. The festival’s essence, which involves massive gatherings and widespread kite flying, often leads to congested streets and crowded spaces. This escalation in outdoor activities raises the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

One of the main concerns during Uttarayan is the use of sharp kite strings, which can cause unintended injuries to both kite flyers and bystanders. The emergency departments at HCG Hospitals are well-aware of these risks and are equipped to handle such injuries with promptness and efficiency. Additionally, the crowded spaces can lead to situations needing immediate medical attention, whether due to physical injuries or health issues like dehydration or sunstroke.

By understanding these festive challenges, HCG Hospitals emphasises the importance of having accessible emergency services. Whether it is a need for an ambulance service or specialised medical transport, our facilities are prepared to respond swiftly. This preparedness is not just about handling emergencies but also about ensuring that the spirit of Uttarayan is celebrated with health and safety as top priorities.


Expanded Safety and Health Tips for Uttarayan

Tips for Your Own Safety

Avoid Terrace Accidents: When flying kites from terraces, be extremely cautious. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement that may lead to a  slip or fall. Always ensure barriers are secure and avoid leaning over edges. In case of a fall, HCG Hospitals’ emergency services provide rapid and expert care.

Maintain Social Distancing: With the resurgence of COVID-19, it is vital to maintain distance, and avoid large gatherings. This helps prevent the spread of the virus and reduces the strain on healthcare facilities, including emergency services.

Beware of Electric Wires: Ensure your kites or strings do not come into contact with high-tension electric wires. Electrocution injuries are serious and require immediate emergency treatment, available at HCG Hospitals.

Tips for Your Health

Eat Healthily and Stay Hydrated: Balance indulgence with healthy choices and stay hydrated. This helps avoid health issues that could lead to a need for emergency services.

Rest and Sun Protection: Take breaks to avoid exhaustion and use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. HCG Hospitals’ emergency care is available for severe cases, but prevention is the key.

Tips for Two-Wheel Drivers

Wear Helmets: Always protect yourself with a helmet while driving. This is crucial in preventing head injuries, a common emergency care scenario, especially during festivals like Uttarayan.

Be Cautious of Kite Strings: Drive slowly in kite-flying areas to avoid injuries from strings. These can cause severe neck and eye injuries, often treated in emergency departments.

Follow Traffic Rules: Adherence to traffic regulations is vital for your safety, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and the consequent need for emergency services.

Tips for Birds’ Safety

Use Bird-Friendly Strings: Choose strings that are safe for birds, avoiding glass-coated or metallic options. This helps in reducing bird injuries, a common issue during Uttarayan.

Create Safe Spaces: Provide water and food for birds in open spaces to create a safer environment for them. This is crucial, as injured birds often require care from animal welfare organizations or emergency services.

Immediate Help for Injured Birds: If you come across injured birds, contact local animal welfare organisations for assistance.

Specialized Medical Support at HCG Hospitals

HCG Hospitals are equipped with advanced emergency services, ready to provide immediate and effective care for a wide range of medical emergencies. Our specialised team, trained in emergency care, ensures that you receive the best possible treatment promptly. Whether it is a minor injury from kite flying or a more serious health concern, HCG Hospitals’ emergency departments in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Hubli, and Bhavnagar are prepared to handle it with excellence and compassion.

Emergency Treatments at HCG Hospitals

24/7 Emergency Services: Our emergency departments in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Hubli, and Bhavnagar are always ready.

Advanced Ambulance Services: Equipped with the latest medical technologies and staffed by experienced personnel.

Expert Medical Teams: Our healthcare professionals are skilled in providing rapid and accurate treatment for various emergencies.


As we embrace the joys of Uttarayan, it is vital to prioritise safety and health to ensure a truly enjoyable experience. HCG Hospitals is deeply committed to your well-being, not only during this festive season but throughout the year. Our comprehensive emergency services, available across Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Hubli, and Bhavnagar, stand ready to provide top-notch care whenever you need it. We understand the importance of quick and efficient medical assistance, especially during times of celebration, when emergencies can be unexpected.

When you or your loved ones require emergency care, HCG Hospitals is just a call away. Our state-of-the-art ambulance service and expertly staffed emergency departments are equipped to handle a wide range of medical situations, ensuring that you receive the best possible care promptly. We urge you to trust in the quality and readiness of HCG Hospitals for all your health concerns. Let us celebrate a safe and healthy Uttarayan, knowing that in any health emergency, HCG Hospitals is your reliable partner in healthcare. Choose us for a celebration free of worries, where your health and safety are our top priority.


Frequently Asked Questions

HCG Hospitals recommends using secure barriers on rooftops, avoiding overcrowded places, and being cautious of electric wires and sharp kite strings to ensure a safe Uttarayan celebration.
During Uttarayan, HCG Hospitals provides comprehensive emergency services, including quick ambulance responses and advanced emergency care, ensuring safety during the festivities.
HCG Hospitals advises wearing helmets while driving two-wheelers during Uttarayan to protect against head injuries from kite strings, which is a common accident during the festival.
To stay healthy during Uttarayan, HCG Hospitals suggests staying hydrated, using sunscreen, and balancing festive foods with healthy eating choices to avoid health issues.
HCG Hospitals contributes to community safety during Uttarayan by providing emergency medical services and promoting safe practices like using bird-friendly kite strings and ensuring public safety in crowded areas.
If you find an injured bird during Uttarayan, contact local animal welfare organisations immediately, to ensure the bird receives the necessary care.
Yes, HCG Hospitals warns that flying kites near electric wires can lead to serious injuries from electrocution and advises keeping kites away from such hazards during Uttarayan.
For minor injuries during kite flying, HCG Hospitals suggests basic first aid and, if needed, visiting an emergency room for professional care to prevent complications.
HCG Hospitals recommends maintaining a safe distance from terrace edges, not overcrowding terraces, and ensuring barriers are sturdy to prevent falls and accidents during kite flying.

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