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Advanced Surgical Oncology: Innovations in Cancer Surgery



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The fight against cancer is a battle no one should face alone, and at HCG Hospitals, the Department of Surgical Oncology stands as a beacon of hope. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a human touch, we are here to guide you through the complexities of cancer treatment.

Cancer surgeries are no longer confined to lengthy hospital stays and painful recoveries. The skilled surgical oncologists at HCG are pioneers in minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as laparoscopic or robotic-assisted procedures. These methods reduce trauma, lessen post-operative pain, and allow for a quicker return to normal life.

Our guiding principle? Balancing effective cancer treatment with the preservation of normal organ function. We strive to provide personalized care, ensuring the comfort and confidence of our patients. Let’s take a closer look at the services, facilities, and advanced procedures that make HCG a leader in the field of Surgical Oncology.



Breast Cancer Surgeries: From breast conservation to reconstruction, we prioritize aesthetics and functionality.

Head and Neck Surgeries: We handle complex cases with precision and care.

Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgeries: Comprehensive treatments that tackle the disease from the core.

Gynaecological Cancer Surgeries: Dedicated to women’s health and well-being.

Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Tailored treatments for this unique cancer type.

Diagnostics Endoscopy: Early detection and timely intervention.



Operation Theatre: Equipped with a 100 Laminar Airflow HEPA filter facility, our operating rooms are a blend of technology and sterility.

Latest CSSD Unit: Ensuring a sterile environment, our CSSD unit is key to infection prevention.


The Role of Surgery in Cancer Management

Surgery plays a multifaceted role in cancer treatment. From diagnosis to recovery, it’s a vital part of the journey:

Diagnosis: A biopsy helps determine the type, stage, and size of the cancer.

Removal: Surgery targets the tumor, affected lymph nodes, and organs to prevent spreading.

Reconstruction: We help restore body parts that were operated on.

Palliative Care: For symptom relief and quality of life improvement.

With over 130,000 patients treated every year across HCG’s network hospitals, each case is handled with a unique approach that may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.


Advanced Procedures

Organ Preservation Surgery: Fast recovery and less damage to healthy tissues.

Reconstruction Surgery: Restores appearance and function, helping patients regain confidence.

3D Printing in Oncology: More efficient treatment planning and reconstruction surgeries.

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Including laser surgery and robotic surgery, these techniques lead to less pain, reduced scars, and faster recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but don't delay. Time is crucial in cancer treatment.
It's proven to be safe, with a 10-year survival rate of over 80%.
Discuss with your doctor, as a combined approach often yields better results.
You'll be guided by your doctor. As guidelines vary from person to person.
Typically less painful than open surgeries, and pain can be managed with medication.
Support Systems: Encourage patients to lean on friends and family and consider joining support groups specifically designed for cancer patients. Individualised Treatment Plans: Working closely with healthcare providers in India to develop a personalized treatment plan that considers the patient's emotional, physical, and financial situation.
Immunotherapy: This cutting-edge treatment enhances the body's immune system to attack cancer cells and is being increasingly adopted in India.
Counselling, spirituality, and focusing on controllable factors can alleviate anxiety. In India, integrative oncology that blends traditional and modern care has shown promising results.
Precision Medicine: Tailoring treatment based on the genetic makeup of the cancer. Artificial Intelligence in Diagnosis: Using algorithms to predict and diagnose cancer at earlier stages. Robotic Surgery: Minimally invasive surgeries with robotic assistance. 3D Printing: Customized implants and surgical planning, emerging in Indian medical centres.
Innovations in India include telemedicine for remote care, targeted therapies, and early detection campaigns in rural areas.
PET-CT scans, MRI, Liquid Biopsy, and Genomic Sequencing are prominent diagnostic tools in India.
In India, advanced technologies include CyberKnife, TomoTherapy, and robotic surgeries.
India is witnessing advancements in radiotherapy, nano-technology-based drug delivery, and personalized treatment plans.
Liquid biopsies, detecting cancer through blood tests, are an emerging technology in India.
The goal in India, as globally, is to remove cancerous tissue, prevent its spread, and preserve the quality of life.
In India, these include mastectomy for breast cancer, colectomy for colon cancer, and prostatectomy for prostate cancer.
These principles include accurate diagnosis, a multi-disciplinary approach, emphasis on organ function preservation, and continuous research and innovation, particularly relevant in India's diverse healthcare landscape.



India’s healthcare landscape is witnessing remarkable advancements in the field of oncology, with innovative technologies and personalized care that align with global standards. The battle against cancer is fought with resilience, innovation, and empathy. At HCG Hospitals, we’re committed to embracing these advancements and providing the best care possible. Our patient-centric approach and cutting-edge technologies reflect the progress India has made in cancer care. If you have more questions, we’re here to help. Visit our website or call our helpline today.

For more information, visit our website or call our helpline. We’re here for you.

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