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How to Protect Yourself in Summer - Dr. Khushbu Jain

Dr. Khushbu Jain, Consultant Dermatologist, HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad

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Summers are just around the corner. We all know summers in Ahmedabad, It’s so hot and harsh.

Let us know how we can prepare ourselves to get protected from the scorching summer heat.

The First and the most important point is Hydration. We should have plenty of fluids and fruits which are high in fiber and electrolytes. They can protect us from dehydration. If dehydration gets worse, it can lead to heatstroke.

The second important point is to get protection from the sun. Use a broad-spectrum, medicated sunscreen lotion. Repeat that at least three times when you are out in the sun.

Also, wear a white brim hat and loose cotton clothes. If you are going outside in the sun, use summer coats and a cotton scarf to cover your skin. It is also very important to protect your skin from rashes, summer boils and similar skin problems which are common in the summer.

Take showers two times daily and wear loose cotton clothes, and if you face any issue then consult your physician soon.

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