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Dr. Vishwa Jethava


Speciality: Pathology

Designation: Pathology


Location: HCG Hospitals, Bhavnagar 

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About Dr. Vishwa Jethava


Dr. Vishwa Jethava is a Consultant Pathologist with expertise in rapid reporting of routine haematological and biochemical investigations. With a solid background comprising an MBBS degree and DCP specialisation, Dr. Jethava brings five years of invaluable experience to the field. Particularly skilled in diagnosing haemato-oncology specimens, Dr. Jethava is committed to providing accurate and timely diagnoses, ensuring comprehensive patient care.


Area of Expertise

Dr. Vishwa Jethava specialises in rapid reporting of routine hematological and biochemical investigations, as well as the diagnosis of haemato-oncology specimens.

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