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Dr. Sagar N Kolli

MD DNB Fellowship in Paediatric Anaesthesia

Speciality: Anaesthesiology

Designation: Paediatric Anaesthesiologist

Experience: 10+ Years

Location: HCG Suchirayu Hospital, Hubli 

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About Dr. Sagar N Kolli


Dr. Sagar N Kolli is a leading Paediatric Anaesthesiologist with over 10 years of experience. He is known for his skill in paediatric anaesthesia and handling complex surgeries. Dr. Kolli brings a wealth of knowledge to KLE-Suchirayu Hospital in Hubli. He is committed to providing the best care for his young patients and is a respected member of the medical community.


Area of Expertise:

  • Paediatric Anaesthesia
  • High Risk and Major Surgeries
  • Renowned for comprehensive care in paediatric anaesthesia and management of complex surgical procedures.


Research and Publications:

  1. Published “A Comparative Evaluation of Truview and Macintosh Laryngoscopes for Tracheal Intubation. A Prospective Randomised Controlled Study” in the Bombay Hospital Journal.
  2. Authored “A Prospective Randomised Double Blind Study Comparing Dexmedetomidine Vs Combination of Midazolam Fentanyl for Tympanoplasty Surgery under Monitored Anaesthesia Care” in the Journal of Anaesthesiology and Clinical Pharmacology.


Medical Breakthrough:

Dr. Kolli’s research has significantly contributed to the fields of tracheal intubation and anaesthesia care for tympanoplasty surgery, offering new insights and methodologies that enhance patient care and outcomes.


Awards and Accolades:

  • Received third place in poster presentation at the IAPA national conference 2024.
  • Life member of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists and the Indian Association of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists (IAPA).
  • Serves as an executive committee member of the IAPA – Karnataka state chapter.
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