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Dr. S. S. Chikani

DNB (Medicine) Fellowship in Rheumatology EULAR Certificate Course in Rheumatology

Speciality: Rheumatology

Designation: Consultant - Rheumatologist

Experience: 10+ years

Location: HCG Hospitals, Rajkot 

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About Dr. S. S. Chikani

Dr. S S Chikani, the Head of the Rheumatology Department, is a well-known specialist known for his commitment to rheumatology care, contributions to research, and active involvement in prestigious organisations. He started as the first rheumatologist in Saurashtra and Kutch back in 2005, opening his practice in Rajkot. Dr. Chikani has introduced electronic medical record systems, enabling him to care for over 19,000 patients since 2010, even in remote areas. His organised approach and leadership in educational events at the state and national levels play a crucial role in advancing the field of rheumatology.

Area of Expertise:

Dr. Chikani, dedicated to excellence, excels as a practitioner and academic. He actively engages in collaborative research with the Rheumatology Association Gujarat, contributing to two editions of the Manual of Rheumatology. His methodical approach and leadership in CME activities at state and national levels drive rheumatology care forward.

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