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Dr. Parth Jani

MBBS MS (General Surgery) (Gold Medalist) MCh (Neurosurgery)

Speciality: Neurosurgery

Designation: consultant neurosurgeon

Experience: 6+ Years

Location: HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad 

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About Dr. Parth Jani


Dr. Parth Jani, with 14 years in medicine, is a renowned Neurosurgeon trained at PGIMER Chandigarh. A Gold Medallist in General Surgery, he excels in Advanced Cerebrovascular Neurosurgical procedures. He’s affiliated with global neurosurgical societies and currently serves at HCG hospitals. Dr. Jani’s dedication extends to academic contributions and commitments to patient care excellence.


Area of Expertise

  • Advanced Cerebrovascular Neurosurgical procedures: intracranial aneurysms, arterio-venous malformations, cavernomas, EDAMS for Moya-Moya disease, Low flow ECA-ICA bypasses, Endoscopic/microscopic hematoma evacuation for haemorrhagic stroke.
  • Endoscopic Endo-Nasal Surgery for Pituitary Adenomas, anterior skull base meningioma.
  • Advanced skull base surgeries: extended-bi-frontal, FTOZ, retro sigmoid approaches for skull base tumours and CP angle tumours.
  • Advanced Brain & Spine Tumour Surgeries involving all brain parts.
  • Open and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Keyhole Surgery for lumbar disc, Cervical disc, Pedicle screw fixation.
  • Paediatric spinal dysraphisms: split cord malformations and tethered cord.
  • 500+ basic neurosurgical procedures: traumatic brain injuries, strokes, VP shunting during MCH residency.
  • Managing neuro-critical cases in ICU and neurosurgical emergencies.


Research and Publications


  • Tripathi M, Sadashiva N, Gupta A, Jani P, Pulickal SJ, Deora H, Kaur R, Kaur P, Batish A, Mohindra S, Kumar N. Please spare my teeth! Dental procedures and trigeminal neuralgia. Surgical Neurology International. 2020;11. Impact factor 1.12. 
  • Salunke P, Jani P, Sahoo SK, Gendle C. Displaced odontoid synchondrosis fracture with C1-2 disjunction in an 18-month-old child: challenges and solutions. Child’s Nervous System. 2021 Apr;37(4):1377-80.Impact factor – 1.298 
  • Parth JA, MATHURIYA SN, DHANDAPANI S. Safe Cervical ICA Control for Clipping Clinoid-Ophthalmic Segment ICA Aneurysms. Turkish Neurosurgery. 2021;31(5). Impact factor- 0.963 
  • Jani P, Tripathi M, Ghai B, Patil N, Batish A, Mohindra S. Iatrogenic Occipital Neuralgia: How to Avoid Injury in Retromastoid Approach. Neurology India. 2020 Nov 1;68(6):1490. Impact factor- 2.128 
  • Praneeth K, Rajasekhar R, Aggarwal A, Jani P, Singla N. Intracranial Eye. Neurology India. 2020 Nov 1;68(6):1502. Impact factor- 2.128 
  • Srivastava S, Kanaujia R, Sahoo SK, Jani P, Angrup A, Rudramurthy SM, Ray P. Isolated cerebellar abscess by Norcardia asiatica: A case report with review of literature. Journal of family medicine and primary care. 2020 Feb;9(2):1232. Impact score – 0.60. 
  • Kanaujia R, Gupta S, Singla N, Jani P, Angrup A. A child with recurrent otitis media due to Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. Anaerobe. 2020 Jun 1;63:102203.Impact factor-2.709 
  • Dhandapani, S., Jani.P. & Sahoo S.K. Single-entry two-stage rotational technique for simultaneous ventriculostomy and pineal region biopsy using traditional ventricular endoscope: technical note and comparative review. Childs Nerv Syst (2021). Impact factor-1.703 (2020) 
  • ‘Decompressive Hemicraniectomy in Malignant Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction: Adding Years Of Quality Life Or Mere Existence?- (accepted but yet to be published) Neurology India- Impact factor- 2.128  
  •  ‘Development, Validation, and Impact of Patient Information Brochures for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery’- First author (accepted but yet to be published) Neurology India- Impact factor- 2.128 
  • Aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: An observation on the temporal profile of symptomatic vasospasm and inflammatory markers. Sunil Kumar Das, Navneet Singla, Sunil Kumar Gupta, Ashish Agrawal, Kokula Praneeth, Jani P, Ajay Kumar


Awards and Accolades

  • AIPMT (2008) AIR: 1014
  • MS Class Rank: 1
  • AIIMS SS (2018) AIR: 5
  • PGIMER SS (2018) AIR: 4
  • JIPMER SS (2018) AIR: 6
  • PGI-Fellowship in vascular neurosurgery: AIR 1
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