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Dr. Ankur P. Bambhania

DrNB (DM) Critical Care Medicine MD General Medicine Consultant

Speciality: Critical Care Medicine 

Experience: 3 years of experiance at Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad

Location: HCG Hospitals, Bhavnagar 

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About Dr. Ankur P. Bambhania

  • DrNB (DM) Critical Care Medicine
  • MD General Medicine Consultant
  • Severe Sepsis & Septic shock with multi – organ failure management
  • Life threating multiple organ disorder management
  • Post operative ICU care & complication management
  • ICU related severe acute kidney failure
  • Toxicology & snake bite management
  • Ventilatory weaning difficulty patient management
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome / respiratory failure patient ventilatory management
  • Ventilatory difficult weaning patient management
  • Complicated trauma patient management in ICU
  • Severe HINI & corona like viral infection management
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