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Knee Implant Price List

  August 23, 2017

Knee Implant Price List

According to the Government notification F.No 8(48)/2017/DP/NPPA/Div II

‘Osteoarthritis is likely to become fourth leading cause of disability by year 2020’ as per the W.H.O Bulletin,2003 ,81,(9) and India is likely to be one of the leading countries of such immobilized citizens in terms of numbers; and whereas preventing such a scenario is essential in individual as well as national interest. And whereas the Government is under constitutional obligation to provide fair, reasonable and affordable price for orthopedic implants and therefore its immediate intervention is imperative to check unethical profiteering and exploitive pricing at the cost of the patients in an unregulated market; and whereas Paragraph 19 of the DPCO, 2013 inter- alia authorizes the Government, in extraordinary circumstances, if it considers necessary so to do in public interest, to fix the ceiling price or retail price of any drug (i.e. notified devices) for such period, as it deems fit; Here is the Price List of Knee Implants, applicable at HCG Ahmedabad & Bhavnagar units.

Description MRP (Rs.)
Primary Knee Implant System-Femoral Component-Cobalt chromium (Co cr) Alloy 25132
Primary Knee Implant System-Femoral Component- Titanium Alloy 40677
Primary Knee Implant System-Femoral Component- Oxidized zirconium (Oxzr) Alloy 40677
Primary Knee Implant System-Femoral Component-Hi-Flex 27153
Primary Knee Implant System Tibial Tray-Titanium alloy 26431
Primary Knee Implant System Tibial Tray-Cobalt chronium (CoCr) Alloy 17724
Primary Knee Implant System-Femoral Component or Tibial Tray-Oxidized zirconium (OxZr) Alloy 25494.5
Primary Knee Implant System-Articulating surface or Insert -Any Material 9963
Primary Knee Implant System-Patella-Any Material 4266
Primary Knee Implant System All polyethylene 13520
Revision Knee Replacement System- Femoral Component -Any Material 65908.5
Revision Knee Replacement System- Tibial component or Tibial Tray- Any material 32781
Revision Knee Replacement System- Articulating surface or Insert- Any material 16653.5
Revision Knee Replacement System-Patella-Any Material 4266

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