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The ENT Department is committed to providing specialised ENT treatment. The specialists that provide treatment for ENT disorders are called ENT specialists or otolaryngologists. It involves diagnosing and treating conditions related to the ears, nose, throat, and neck. ENT specialists are skilled in addressing a wide range of issues, including ear infections, sinus and nasal problems, throat problems, head and neck tumours, and sleep disorders.
The ENT department also offers evidence-based, comprehensive care for ear, nose, and throat problems. This includes the management of conditions, such as ear drum perforation, tonsil diseases, and sinus troubles. Additionally, the department conducts various outpatient-based procedures to cater to the needs of patients.


  • Microscopic examination and cleaning of ear
  • Nasal endoscopy
  • Ear endoscopy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Ear lobe repair
  • Foreign body removal
  • Punch biopsy

Important surgical procedures:

  • Tympanoplasty
  • Mastoidectomy
  • Stapedotomy
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Salivary gland surgery
  • Micro laryngeal surgery
  • Septoplasty


With the help of the latest high definition endoscope and microscope, ENT Specialists provide precise management of sinus problems and excellent treatment for middle ear pathologies.

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