Success Stories

Sheeja Mathews, Ahmedabad

This is to appreciate and thank Kunal Brahmani for the support he provided during the 8 day hospitalization period of my father "Mathai Mathews" in HCG hospital, Ahmedabad. Kunal was quite helpful right from the admission day till discharge in terms of swift admission process, room allocation, answering and supporting all queries, etc. I was able to get my father treated for his illness in Ahmedabad while I was away in Bangalore, only due to Kunal's support and help. Once again would like to thank HCG team for the wonderful service!

Ms. Savita, Ahmedabad

Ms. Savita was rushed to HCG Hospitals as she experienced cardiac arrest. A well coordinated team started with emergency treatment and she was revived. She was then shifted to ICU and the care began for further stabilizing the vitals. In her words "I have lost the hope, but team HCG gave me another life."

Mr. Sanjay, Ahmedabad

Mr. Sanjay says "HCG Hospitals is the best hospital in the state as here the team treats you like family member. HCG team has helped me in recovering from COVID 19 symptoms. The dedication of staff and doctors is exceptional."

Mr. Suresh, Ahmedabad

Mr. Suresh has appreciated the dedicated team of HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for unmatched services and medical care. Timely rounds by doctors and nurses as well as dietary support have helped me in recovering from corona symptoms.

Ms Bhatt, Ahmedabad

Best care and holistic approach offered by HCG Hospital, Ahmedabad is commendable. Best facility and care helped me in my fight against corona. Thank You HCG, said Ms Bhatt.

Dr. Chintan, Ahmedabad

Dr. Chintan appreciated team HCG for providing dedicated services and medical care while he was fighting Corona. He has recovered and is been discharged now.

Mr. Solanki, Ahmedabad

"Good care and timely treatment has helped me" said Mr. Solanki who has recovered from COVID-19 and is going home with a big smile. He has really appreciated the facilities and the medical care that he has received while fighting the invisible.
#HCGHospitals #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #Corona

Mr. Abhishek, Ahmedabad

Mr. Abhishek a corona fighter has successfully overcome the symptoms of COVID-19 at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad. He is thankful to the team for taking a good care and helping him heal.

Mr. Joshi, Ahmedabad

Mr. Joshi felt like he is been treated at home while he was admitted at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for management of corona symptoms. He was impressed with the dedication shown by the staff and appreciated the care he received during the stay.

Mr. Anil, Ahmedabad

Mr. Anil thanked team HCG for giving the best possible treatment and care to manage the symptoms of corona. He was admitted to HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad recently and is now getting discharged with a smile on his face.


Mohammad Hanif, Ahmedabad

I'm Mohammad Hanif was admitted in HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for management of corona symptoms. There was lot of confusion in the family regarding what to do but then we came to HCG and everything was sorted. The team guided and helped us well with all the formalities.  
I am satisfied with all the services which were provided by the hospital and getting discharged with a smile and better health.  
Thanks to all the staff of 7th floor Doctors

Ms. Panchal, Ahmedabad

Ms. Panchal was diagnosed with corona and was admitted to HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad. Here she expresses gratitude towards Team HCG for being there whenever she needed help. She has specially thanked doctors, nursing staff, dietitian and cleaning staff for exceptional work.

Mr. Shah, Ahmedabad

Mr. Shah thanked Team HCG for providing exceptional medical services and care. Mr. Shah gave a tough fight to COVID-19 at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad and was highly impressed with the well instrumented efforts made by doctors, nursing staff and support staff to help him recover.

Mr. Jignesh Modi, Ahmedabad

Mr. Jignesh Modi was in critical condition when admitted to HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for management of COVID -19 symptoms, within one week he has recovered well and is going home with a smile. He has thanked Team HCG for the exceptional medical service and care.

Mr. Neel Shah, Ahmedabad

I am glad to have my treatment there. I thank Sister Shanju, Sister Stefy, Brother Komick from ICU and sister Sangita on 7th floor.
They worked hard, day and night for my betterment. I also thank Kanubhai and Hasmukhbhai who were always ready to attend. They were all working to get their patients well and with no regards for their own health.
I saw staff, loving and kind folks are doing their jobs at 100%. All thanks to Kunal Bhai for administrative help.

Mr. Parthiv Mehta, Ahmedabad

HCG Hospitals is very good at their medical services, along with their facility, food and staff. Doctors and team are perfect in observation and diagnosis, staff is very helpful and good teamwork.
The dietician has taken care of my diet, I m fully satisfied with HCG hospital medical services.
I express my gratitude and Specially thanks to Suvidh Turakhia sir, Krunal Bhramani and Dipali madam for helping in every moment.

Ms. Urmila, Ahmedabad

Ms. Urmila fought with COVID -19 at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad. She managed to overcome the symptoms within a few days and thanked HCG team for quality care and dedicated services.

Mr. Kothari, Ahmedabad

Mr. Kothari was diagnosed with Corona and admitted to HCG Hospitals for management of the symptoms. He has given a tough fight to the virus and is going home with a smile on his face. He has expressed his gratitude towards doctors and nursing staff for providing quality care.

Mr. Jagdish Solanik, Ahmedabad

Mr. Jagdish Solanik was treated at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad recently and he was highly impressed with the dedication of the staff and the medical services.

Mr. Mehul Ramani, Ahmedabad

Mr. Mehul was admitted at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for treatment and today he is been discharged with a smile on his face. He is really impressed with the medical services and care received during his stay. We wish him best of health.

Mr. Harshil Sen, Ahmedabad

Mr. Hashil defined services at HCG Hospitals as "Good medical care, dedicated staff and punctual rounds for health check." He was admitted for management of COVID19 symptoms and he has recovered well. Team HCG wishes him best of the health.

Mr. Shirish, Ahmedabad

Mr. Shirish was diagnosed with Corona was admitted to HCG Hospitals for management of the symptoms. He has given a tough fight to the virus and is discharged with a smile on his face. He has expressed his gratitude towards doctors and nursing staff for providing quality care. #HCGHospitals #CancerCare #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #Corona

Urvi Dharaiya, Ahmedabad

This is a note to thank the entire staff at HCG who had been deployed for taking care of my father Shri Kaushik Dharaiya who had been hospitalized since he tested positive for covid-19. This is a special thank you note to each and every staff member who had been there to take care of him. My heartiest thanks to everyone at HCG especially Mr Krunal Brahmani who had been always happy to help and was proactive and patient enough to answer all our concerns and queries on a timely basis. Also a big thank you to Pooja who made sure that the discharge was quick and smooth.

Jitendra Desai, Ahmedabad

My wife was admitted on 3rd June 2020 at your hospital in the morning at suspected ICU ward Later on she was non covid patience so moved to 8 th floor in 805 special room In the OPD. We had been given good treatment from your front office staff They listened to us very calmly and treated us very nicely All the doubts and questions were nicely solved by them I particularly thankful to Krunal who was very helpful and nice human being Again I am very happy and thankful to your OPD staff.

Swapnakumar Patel, Ahmedabad

Myself swapnakumar Patel writing this feedback. I was admitted in HCG on 6.6.2020. Initially i was admitted in ICCU and during testing i was found corona positive then shifted me to special room. I was discharged on 11.6.2020 evening. During this entire hospitalisation period i have received good medical treatment from doctors. Nursing staff, attenders, Housekeeping staff are very sincere and hard working. All staff in day & night are very good. All HCG team members were played a big role in my health recovery. Food quality is also very good and dietician has provided me good guidance on diet. I will give my strong recommendations to other patients for covid-19 treatment at HCG.

Ms. Shubhangi, Ahmedabad

Ms. Shubhangi W/O Mr. Aniket Pawar was impressed with the stringent protocols followed by HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad. All her concerns were addressed by the doctors and only when she was satisfied to experience the safe environment of the hospital she decided to proceed with the cancer care. Team HCG is glad to make her feel safe with infection control practices and to deliver the best of the cancer care even during the pandemic.

Mr. Ashok Goyal's son, Ahmedabad

A smooth coordination and stringent infection control protocols impressed Mr. Ashok Goyal's son. They are from MP, needed cancer treatment and were not clear on how to proceed during this pandemic rules and lockdown. But once they contacted HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad the team took care of everything. Here he is expressing his gratitude towards the team for everything.

Dr. Nahar, Ahmedabad

In this pandemic, there is another battle that few have to fight. Dr. Nahar was here for her mother's cancer treatment while her father Col Rajendra Singh Nahar is serving the country and currently, posted at Leh Ladak. She is simply impressed by the assurance that HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad has been able to make her experience. Here she expresses her gratitude towards the team HCG.

Mr. Neel Sha, Ahmedabad

Mr. Neel Shah thanked HCG for taking a good care of him. He was specifically impressed by the exemplary service by dedicated nursing staff and diet services which made his stay comfortable at the hospital during his fight with Corona virus. Team HCG wishes him best of the health.

Mr. Kalyan, Ahmedabad

Mr. Kalyan is grateful to HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for taking good care while he was battling with COVID-19. He really appreciated the dedication of doctors, nursing staff and supporting staff.

Mr. Narendrabhai, Ahmedabad

HCG Cancer Center, Ahmedabad is best for Cancer care treatment in Corona epidemic time.

Falgun Mehta, Ahmedabad

All team members office staff, medical warriors corona warriors all team members serving at Hcg hospital from the bottom of my heart I express my heartfelt gratitude and gratefulness to you all for fantastic care and medical job you all wonderful human beings are doing at Hcg in this testing times of covid corona epidemic. 
We were able to get discharge of my mother Bharti J Shah as of yesterday 1st june evening time after her succesful recovery from covid positive with preexisting lung disorder weakness. We were quite concerned and worried for mom's treatment and had to run from post to pillar to get her admitted while she was diagnosed with this serious epidemic thought of corona it self is sending shivers to all of us. We got my mother admitted with due guidance and support of Dr Manoj vithlani
In this tough times the way our mother was treated and her case was sensitively with utmost sincerity taken care by entire team has been worth million claps and warm regards from a concerned family. 
My mother used to get regular meals which were delicious and entire medical team at 7th floor was taking care of our mom like there own family member 
From the bottom of our heart we are grateful to strong team of Hcg hospital. 
Dr Manoj Vithlani
Dr Sunil Mehta
Dr ketan shah
Dr Dhruv.    
Sister Sadhna.
Supoort team members Dr Bhaskar who is always on toes. Smiling dedicated team member Dipali at admission counter. 
You see all genius and great humanbeings 
 - Falgun & Ruchi Mehta.  Sejal shah.

Mr. Arvind Sanklecha, Ahmedabad

Me Arvind Sanklecha was a confirmed COVID 19 Positive patient and got admitted in HCG Hospitals, Mithakhali. Initially was very feared when I got to know about my positive report, but after getting admitted here at HCG, the scenario was complete different with the entire nursing staff was so supportive, which helped to recover fast from this pandemic disease.
I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dr. Urman Dhruv who treated me so well and also motivated me to recover fast from this, I will never forget him as he is the real hero of my life. At the end would also like to say that “All the Doctors are the real life Worriers. Once again my heartiest gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the entire HCG team.

Mr. ManojBhai Rathod, Ahmedabad

Mr. ManojBhai Rathod was scared when he was detected with Corona. But all his wories came to an end when he experienced the care and dedication of staff at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad. It took him about 10 days to overcome the symptoms of corona and now he is been discharged. Team HCG wishes him best of health.

Mr. Mahendra Prajapati, Ahmedabad

Mr. Mahendra Prajapati was admitted at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad for management of Corona symptoms. His conviction to get well soon and right medical care has helped him overcome it. While getting discharged he was glad to have been admitted under the right care and was thankful to the staff for their dedicated services.

Amratbhai Desai, Ahmedabad

Amratbhai Desai was admitted at HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad seven days ago and was diasgnosed with Corona. His will and medical care at right time helped him to overcome the symptoms of COVID - 19. Today he is been discharged from the hospital & the team here wish him best of health in future.

Rajasi, Ahmedabad

My grandmother was admitted to HCG on 2nd may for breathing issue and water retention in lungs. She was been taken very good care of. She specially wants to thank dr dholaram who helped her in iccu , as she wanted to pass urine and there was no staff available at that time due to covid19, he was very warmth and told her that you are like a mother to me, dont worry and you can call me as many times as you need help. Mr
Krunal brahmani was very helpful, he was so positive he told me not to worry about my grandmother covid19 test report which were yet to come, he told it shall come negative just give positive vibes. He helped us with billing and connecting our calls to ICU. There was 1 more sister/doctor in ICU we dont know her name, she also got us connected on call to my grandmother. My grandmother is back home safe and we are happy with HCG service as such crucial times. Our family thanks the true heros and warriors. My grandmother is sending blessing to everyone, to team HCG
 - Rajasi.

Neeta Bipin Shah, Ahmedabad

Myself, Neetaben Bipinbhai Shah suffering Covid - 19 diseases. I was admitted in HCG hospital, Mithkhadi on May 2, 2020 and discharged on May 10, 2020. During my tenure in hospital for treatment of this diseases, I feel very good about care taken by staff members of hospital. The administration of hospital is very nice.The doctor visit and nursing visit was regular and each member is very cooperative. The cleaning of bed and nearby area was done everyday. The hygiene maintained by each member in hospital at highest quality. I am very much satisfied with each and every thing happen in hospital during my stay tenure in hospital.

 - Neeta Bipin Shah

Ms. Shaxshi, Ahmedabad

Ms. Shaxshi a Covid19 patient got discharged today from HCG Hospitals.

Yadav Madhav Singh, Ahmedabad

I came as a COVID 19 positive case and now getting discharged with successful treatment at HCG Hospitals, Mithakhali would like to say that the entire nursing & doctor team is wonderful with the utmost care taken of me. Thank you.

- Yadav Madhav Singh  

Anjana Dixit, Ahmedabad

Anjana Dixit, a Covid19 patient got discharged today from HCG Hospitals.


Dr. Pranij Vora, Ahmedabad

I would say haresh got very good treatment and support from Hospital end. He got exactly what he want. I was monitoring his progress on daily basis and medically he was managed very well.
After discharge, his recovery is very good.
Sincere thanks to Bir Singh, Dr Vasant, Dr. Harijit, Dr. Bhavik, Krunal from Admin desk and entire team of HCG Mithakhali. I would definitely like refer my parents to Hospital.

- Dr. Pranij Vora, Company Physician of Haresh Varia.

Manish Mehta, Ahmedabad

My uncle was treated for Covid19 at HCG Hospital, Mithakhali and the responses that our family members got  was so positive, professional, and homely from starting of the treatment till discharge. Due to this he got rapid recovery and discharged in 5 days from Covid19. All the staff members are very good, cooperative, professional, and understand the feelings of the family member as well. Here I would like to thank all the staff members as specially Dipali madam, Dr. Jay sir, Dr. Bansi madam, Pooja Madam, and all members and doctors who involved in this treatment.
Maybe my words are very few to express your gratitude.

Aayushi Joshi, Ahmedabad

HCG Hospital staff, Brothers, Dr. Bansi, Dr. Jay Patel, and from accounts department Ms. Pooja, as well as all the medical faculties are top-notched, the best, and compassionate. Big thanks to Ms. Dipali, who was helping us all the way in a difficult time. Each and every time when we called up, they resolve our queries immediately. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thanks for every time, every need, and care of us.

Vasimna Nagi, Ahmedabad

My Father-in-law admitted to HCG Hospital, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad, here the staff is very supportive and helpful along with that the hospital's treatment is very nice and trustworthy,  patient feels like home, the staff takes care of every small need of the patient. I especially thank Dipali Parmar Madam and Dr. Bhavik sir. The hospital team called me Every day and give daily updates of health.

Dr. Jayesh Shah, Ahmedabad

Dr. Jayesh Shah completely recovered from COVID19 and was discharged from HCG Hospital, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad.

Mr Abdul Latif Wali, Uganda

Father of Mr Abdul Latif Wali from Uganda was successfully treated for critical cardiac & Gastric problem at HCG Hospitals Ahmedabad. We are happy to be a part of someone's happy moments.

Surbhi Dhing, India

Robotic surgery helped Surbhi in fighting cancer

Surbhi Dhing was detected with cancer and was worried for her future, but her confidence in HCG team and Dr. Kalpana Kothari - Consultant Gynec Oncology played a vital role in her fight against cancer. The unmatched combination of robotic surgery and our expertise got her back to routine within the next three days of the surgery. To know more about robotic assisted surgery, please call - +91 90997 12345

Jogesh Patel, India

Curious Case of Sudden and Complete Hearing Loss Without
Any Prior Indications  

~Jogesh experienced sudden hearing loss, even without any prior symptoms ~

January 12, 2018 – Ahmedabad –Jogesh Patel visited HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad in mid December with a complaint of sudden and complete hearing loss in the left ear. On preliminary screening  by our ENT specialist Dr. Sohil Vadiya it was revealed that Jogesh never experienced any symptoms that could indicate that he has an ear problem, which will lead to complete and sudden hearing loss. On further examination, Jogesh was diagnosed with Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Deafness (ISSD). 
ISSD is a condition in which a person experiences complete hearing loss in mostly one of the ears, due to unknown reasons. Despite the best care the recovery rate is just  50% if the standard plan of treatment is followed. However, when Jogesh visited Dr. Sohil, he was suffering from an infection in the left hand and thus, the IV steroid injection or Oral steroid tablets were ruled out as this would have been aggravated the infection in the hand and may lead to serious consequences in the arm. Therefore, Dr. Sohil Vadiya  advised an injection through the eardrum, under the microscopic guidance, which is known as an intra tympanic steroid injection. The decision of injecting steroid into intra tympanic compartment would cause a localized effect in ear and not affect any other body part. This is fairly a new modality of treatment for such cases and if taken in time, it surely enhances the chances of recovery.
Adding more on this Dr. Sohil Vadiya ENT Specialist and Endoscopist, HCG Hospitals Ahmedabad said, “Since, the injection was to be administered directly in the eardrum, I had to convince the patient on its safety aspects. The first intra tympanic injection was administered on 18th Dec and second injection on 22nd Dec, 17 and he started hearing in 4 days after the second injection. Now, his hearing capability is back to 50% already and further improvement is expected in the days to come. This treatment does not result in any  permanent hole in the eardrum, in most cases. However, any delay in administering the injection would lead to lesser chances of recovery. Ideally, corrective action should be taken within 24 hours of identifying the condition for better recovery
Jogesh Patel, Patient said, “Initially, I was unable to even hear the loud calls of my family members. People had to shout at the top of their voice to make me hear. We were worried that losing hearing sense at the age of 25 years will end me up with a dark future. But, after the treatment, I’m able to hear voices at normal levels. Nobody can judge that I have had a hearing problem. I’m grateful to the HCG team for treating us well and supporting us throughout the treatment.“

Meena Patel, India

Faster Healing through Robotic Surgery

"My sister Sumitra attained her menopause, but experienced abnormal bleeding from last two months. We consulted a doctor locally and then, came to Dr. Kalpana Kothari at HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad. After some reports, it was confirmed that there is a tumor. She suggested Robotic surgery, on understanding the benefits we immediately said yes. And now we could actually testify the benefits as my sister was given water only after 6 hours of the surgery, she could walk easily the next day and is getting discharged after two days. We are glad to choose HCG for her treatment." - Ms. Meena Patel

Jackline, Uganda

Thank you - HCG for making us hopeful in our fight against cancer

Lillian, a 62 year old lady from Uganda was suffering from abnormal bleeding even after attaining her menopause. She went to a doctor in her native & was diagnosed with cancer. Their search for the best cancer care hospital ended at HCG, Ahmedabad, India. "We were scared, but the team of experts was with us from the time we landed here. The whole HCG team made us hopeful that my mother will win the fight against cancer for sure. A special thank to Dr. Kalpana Kothari for supporting us even if she had to go beyond her call of duty. I'm glad that we made a right choice" - Jackline D/o Lillian from Uganda

Laxmi Mangal, India

Fibroids couldn't stand a chance with Robotic Surgery by my side

"I'm glad that I opted for a robotic surgery over the conventional open surgery for fibroid treatment. It is due to expert care & robotic surgery  I was discharged after three days of my surgery & traveled back to my native with comfort. I started with my routine within a week and now i feel great" - Ms Laxmi Mangal

Salim, India

I defeated my biggest enemy - Cancer

"The cancer was spread across my digestive system. Multiple organs were affected and the chances of me being healthy again were low, but HCG - the Specialist in Cancer Care gave me hope & a new life" - Salim

Adewa, Kenya

Pain Management Treatment Beyond Imagination

Mr. Adewa from Kenya was indeed suffering from immense pain, see how he managed to get out of wheel chair & started an independent life again.

Hemangi Bhatt, India

Robotic surgery for cancer helped my father with faster recovery

"We were devastated when my father was detected with rectal cancer. The quality of life after the treatment was our concern. But the team of experts at HCG Cancer Care counseled us well & gave us the confidence that my father will be alright. He underwent a robotic surgery; the outcome compared to the conventional surgery is amazing & beyond our imagination. A small incision, faster recovery, almost back to routine in a week are some of the benefits of robotic surgery." Hemangi D/o Aroon Bhatt

Isabel Wangui, Kenya

We experienced Unmatched Care & Comfort at HCG

"My mother was adviced removal of Kidney for a tumor in the organ at my native, but we took other opinions & landed to HCG Hospitals, India. I was surprised  to see that a robotic surgery with such a small incision could bring relieve to my mother. She  could walk the very next day  of the surgery & is absolutely fine now" - Isabel Wangui

Ivene Ayesu, Ghana

HCG gave us the courage to chase our dream, again!

"My son is a footballer in Ghana, West Africa, he suffered from sports injury while playing a match. He could not even walk, I was scared thinking that this injury may adversely affect his sports career, but,then Mr. Patel - suggested HCG. I didn't give a second thought on the suggestion and landed at HCG, Ahmedabad, India. My son was operated and he is recovering well. The doctors are really great and staff is polite. My son can start practicing football after couple of months and I'm eagerly waiting to see him on the field. Thank you HCG for giving us the courage & support to chase our dream again!" -  Ivene Ayesu

Shabbir Ahmed, India

"I'm suffering from Bone cancer. The cancer was not able to defeat me, but the pain due to cancer brought me down to my knees. I was in immense pain; unable to sit, walk or even sleep. Just an injection killed all the pain & now i'm living an independent. Thank to Dr. Jay Panchal & HCG Hospitals for giving me a new lease of pain free life."

Fakhruddin Makra , Tanzania

“Services at HCG Multi Specialty Hospital are excellent and the environment & location is also perfect especially for international patient. ”

Sarit Tarafdar, India

Quitting tobacco addiction made easier with HCG 

"I will not come back as a smoker" Said Mr. Sarit Tarafdar, who is seeking professional advice under free Tobacco Cessation Clinic at HCG Cancer Centre - Vadodara. If you also wish to quit tobacco addiction, please call on +91 70690 90430

Anni Sharma, India

"I got courage to fight cancer, because my family and HCG team was standing right beside me."