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Medical Oncology


Medical Oncology is a specialty in cancer care which uses chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and most importantly supportive/palliative care in an effective manner. Medical oncology team works in conjunction with other oncological specialties to give the best outcomes for cancers. The medical oncology team of HCG works towards prevention, precise diagnosis and optimal, state of the art, customized treatment of cancer. In addition to in-patient / day-care chemotherapy, we also specialize in ambulatory / home chemotherapy for certain cancers. Our medical oncology services include treatment for all solid tumors as wells as hematological cancers in adults and children.

Novel Services Provided by Our Team
Chemotherapy (chemo) is a type of treatment that includes a medication or combination of medications to treat cancer. The goal of chemo is to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. Chemo is considered a systemic therapy. This means it may affect your entire body. Chemo medications attack rapidly growing cancer cells, but they can also affect healthy cells that grow rapidly. Often side effects get better or go away after chemotherapy is over.
Apart from standard chemotherapy, we provide certain novel services for our patients.

A.  Implantable port or port-a-cath
 A doctor puts in a port, usually with local anesthesia or conscious sedation. The catheter goes under the skin of your chest or upper arm.
 Ports can remain in place for weeks, months, or years. We can use a port to:
i.  Reduce the number of needle sticks.
ii. Give treatments that last longer than 1 day. The needle can stay in the port for several days.
iii. Give more than 1 treatment or medication at a time.
iv. Do blood tests and chemotherapy the same day with 1 needle stick.

B.  Ambulatory / Home Chemotherapy
This infusion system is a non-electronic, ambulatory, disposable infusion device which provides 12 hours to 7 days of continuous infusion. It is designed for ambulatory medication therapies requiring slow, continuous infusion. Staying at home offers patient a comfortable environment during his/her treatment, whilst they receive full nursing and medical care. Treatment is usually given through a small portable pump, which can be carried in a fanny pack or a sling bag. This allows them to continue daily life away from hospital with more privacy and independence. After the treatment is over (pump is deflated), our nursing care will help disconnect the pump and needle.

 C.  Oncology Aesthetics
 When any patient is undergoing the tumultuous cancer treatment, a beauty treatment is the last thing on their mind. However, pampering them with a beauty treatment during cancer can be a real boost.
 Key benefits of beauty treatments for cancer patients and survivors include:
i. Relaxation – Cancer treatments can be invasive so beauty salon professionals can offer up non-invasive services. Cancer patients like all people require touch to thrive.
ii. Symptom relief – Gentle massage can help alleviate symptoms such as pain, stress and fatigue
iii. Appearance recovery – lots of people undergoing cancer treatments whose 'normal' appearance is compromised. They can help improve a client's appearance with skin treatments, brow 'reconstruction' and makeup 'lessons'.

Multi-disciplinary approach and precision oncology
We at HCG Cancer Centre follow multi-disciplinary approach for treating all cancer patients and show how it's not just one patient, one doctor, or one scenario. We all work together in a team: not just surgeons, but radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and all the other members of the team like radiologists, pathologists, physiotherapist, dietician, geneticist etc., who come together to help patients.
Precision Oncology is an innovative approach to cancer treatment that ensures that treatment is specifically designed and targeted to patient's unique form of cancer. It's the science of using each patient's individual genetics – the genes that are mutated, causing their cancer to grow – to create a treatment protocol just for them, based on those genetic mutations and ensure the right medicine for the right patient at the right time. We at HCG Cancer Centre have collaborated with companies that use one of the finest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms available today in market.
  • Management of various solid and hematological malignancies
  • High dose chemotherapy administration and toxicity 
  • Specialized outpatient chemotherapy with chemoports
  • Management of various types of Blood Cancers in all age groups 
  • Neoadjuvant chemotherapy  
  • Targeted therapy 
  • Biological therapy
  • Lumbar puncture and intrathecal chemotherapy administration
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy 
  • Day care chemotherapy centre with specially trained nursing staff 


  • Hyperthermic IntraPEritonial Chemotherapy (HIPEC)
  • Scalp Cooling Cap

Support Services

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