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Introducing TomoTherapy H, the next generation of radiation treatment for cancer

Introducing TomoTherapy H, the next generation of radiation, for the first* time in Western India.TomoTherapy H is an advanced form of cancer treatment that combines Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with the accuracy of Computed Tomography (CT) scanning technology (IGRT- Image Guided Radiotherapy), all in one machine.
With this advanced treatment modality, we can modulate powerful radiation beams to treat tumours with precision. Using the built-in CT scanning to confirm the shape and position of the tumour before each treatment, TomoTherapy reduces radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs thereby minimizing the side effects.

This technology is very helpful in treating tumours in hard-to-reach sites, tumours that are advanced stage (locally and metastatic) and recurrent tumours which have been previously treated with other radiotherapy techniques.

On each treatment day, the scanning technology provides a 3D image of the treatment area, so the radiation beams can be targeted according to the size, shape and location of the tumour(s) on that specific day. Hence there is no chance of missing the target.

During treatment, we can adjust the intensity and direction of the radiation beams and the revolutionary “slice therapy” approach treats tumours layer by layer at a time. This minimizes the radiation that reaches the healthy tissues and organs, thereby, reducing the side effects.

Benefits of TomoTherapy H

3600 targeting of cancer cell
Multiple tumours can be targeted simultaneously
Minimized damage to surrounding healthy cells
Customized treatment delivery
Non – invasive and painless procedure
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*In Private Sector